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KCR Chrome Series Shear

KCR Chrome Series Shear

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Chrome excites, the ultimate introduction scissor to KASHO. The beautifully inlaid flat screw system is a centrepiece and the integrated finger notch gives you complete control.

When you first use the new Chrome, its difficult to understand that this is a KASHO introduction scissor. With it’s sharp semi-convex blades the cut and performance are simply put, incredible.

Chrome shares the features for which all KASHO scissors are valued, like the superb steel alloy, mirror polished to a lustre, and the ergonomic shaping with the camelback and offset handle. All of which help create an effortless performance.

The curved finger rest is forged in the traditional manner, to add graceful appeal. Chrome shares the Silver’s screw system, ensuring each cutting pass is smooth. Chrome offers effortless power and an incredible start to KASHO.

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